The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan

The Beginner's Home Workout Plan

The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan is a Basic Fitness Program for Getting Healthy, Building Muscle & Staying Lean.

The Beginner's Home Workout Plan

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The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan

A Basic Fitness Program for Getting Healthy, Building Muscle & Staying Lean

Are you ready to finally begin working out, but don’t know where to start? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a simple exercise program you can do anywhere and at any time?

Then, “The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan” has exactly what you need without all the extra filler.

The #1 Best Selling Fitness Author Dale L. Roberts put together the best first step for anyone new to fitness. Stop fooling around with stupid fad diets, trendy workout programs or shaky theories that don’t have a leg to stand on. You need sound advice on the fundamentals of working out with credible resources and proven results. “The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan” gives everything you need to start your new healthy lifestyle on the right foot and continue on to even better health and fitness.

In “The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan” you’ll discover:


  • Why beginners don’t have to kill themselves for impressive results
  • How short hit-and-split exercise programs work best
  • What the simple exercises that are missing from most workout plans
  • How less workout equipment equals less stress
  • Fun yet powerful workouts to bring out the best in the beginner
  • Appropriate home workouts for both men and women
  • Hundreds of high-quality images of exercise demonstrations
  • Brief yet easy-to-understand instructions
  • Over 90 days of exercise programs to keep you going for months to come
  • Learn how to lose weight fast naturally without dieting and keep it off!
  • Easily modifiable workouts to use anywhere, at any time
  • The perfect health and fitness guide for weight loss
  • All in a short book so you can read it quickly, exercise right away and see results ASAP
  • And, so much more

Stop hoping you get the right results by blindly searching the web for answers! Get the correct information on the best steps for a beginner’s home workout plan right NOW!

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