Flat Tummy after Pregnancy

Free 8 Min Ab Workout – How to lose belly fat & get a flat stomach after pregnancy

Ab (core muscle) exercises for after pregnancy

Free 8 Min Ab Workout

Get rid of the mommy bulge, belly fat, muffin top, FUPA, or Fat Upper Pubic Area, with an eight minute AB workout using the pelvic floor, the muscular bottom of the abdomen and the transverse abdominis,the innermost of the flat muscles of the abdomen. The transverse abdominis muscles are located immediately beneath the internal oblique muscle. Both the transverse abdominis, or TVA,  and the pelvic floor musclespelvic floor muscle are part of your core system of muscles. Lindsay Brin of Moms Into Fitness demonstrates very good weight loss exercises to lose belly fat and tighten loose skin. Be sure to have your doctor’s authorization before beginning any post-pregnancy exercises. These exercises can all be done at home in your own home gym.


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