Cardiovascular Fitness Benefits

Exercise Equipment and Cardiovascular Fitness

There are many ways to improve one’s cardiovascular fitness. Nowadays, most people opt for the use of exercise equipment like treadmills, stair steppers, ellipticals, and stationary bikes. Owning one of these machines isn’t going to make you fit. If you don’t want to incur the cost of a monthly or annual gym membership, investing in a good piece of equipment for your home might just be worth it. For example, I like watching television at home in the evenings after work. I bought a Life Fitness exercise bike for my family room.

Rather than spend the entire evening watching TV on the couch, I alternate between the couch and the bike.  I do half-hour intervals on the bike while enjoying my basketball game or favorite TV show. For those people who don’t want to pay for an ongoing gym membership or are too busy to go to the gym, a home gym or home gym equipment is a good option. Alternatively, simple exercises at home may be done as long as the heart rate is increased. An increase in heart rate can be achieved through activities such as brisk walking, jogging, or even running up and down the stairs.

Fitness is a concept that countless people find hard to internalize. With all the information readily accessible to them, and with the general health enthusiast being inexperienced, it is not surprising that a lot of people begin to lose motivation, and grow to be increasingly more frustrated when they realize that getting to their best fitness goals is like trying to hit a moving target.

The fact is many fitness experts believe there are more than 11 separate components of fitness. In spite of this, only 4 of these fundamentals need to be studied, understood, discussed and acted on in order to get to your desired fitness level.

Your Health and Cardiovascular Fitness

As in all health matters, it is very important to get advice from your doctor, or have a fitness test to identify your starting level, what activities you should or should not engage in, and the length of time you should allocate realistically to reach your goals. And remember, the components of your fitness program need to be coupled with the correct techniques, equipment, and nutrition.

The key to a healthy and long-lasting life is a healthy cardiovascular system. Activities such as working and sleeping are affected by the health of your cardiovascular system The notion of cardiovascular fitness is centered around the heart’s ability to push oxygenated blood to many body organs and tissues, as well as the lung’s capacity to oxygenate the blood being pumped. The heart is a muscle. Like any other muscle, it can be strengthened. A strong heart improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system in carrying out its job. Your body will also realize the physical benefits of a strong heart.

Cardiovascular Endurance is the most important part of the 4 basic components. Why? …Because the heart is the powerhouse and engine of the body. As we said above, the heart’s duty is to pump blood to wherever the body needs it. Notwithstanding, increasing the respiratory system allows your heart to pump blood that is rich in oxygen to prevent muscle fatigue. Without oxygen-rich blood, even a poor level of endurance exercises such as jogging, cycling, aerobics, and swimming can become painful and difficult to endure at first. This is because your body will burn out much faster thereby reducing your length of training.

The best way to get a fit cardiovascular system is by engaging in cardiovascular exercises. Through this type of fitness activity, hormones such as endorphins are released. Endorphins have properties similar to morphine and produce a great feeling during workouts. Additionally, an individual who exercises has higher energy levels than one who does not.  Sleep is also better.

Get on all fours for a balance check. Want to check your balance? A simple method to do so is to get down on all fours and extend an opposite arm and leg without wobbling, tilting, or shaking.

Strength Training is the decisive activity that many people ignore. Women, especially, tend to ignore strength training because they think it will make them look like a bodybuilder. Most women don’t want to have that muscular look.  Overlooking strength training is a mistake. This activity is extremely important in body toning. Strength training tones the problem area’s muscles and allows fat to be burnt. It tightens the muscular frame to be defined as well. The introduction of resistant bands has made this type of exercise a lot more favorable amongst Women.

Do push-ups to test your upper body strength and muscular fitness.
When doing push-ups, lie face down on the floor with elbows bent and palms next to your shoulders. Then push up with arms until arms are extended, all the while keeping your back straight. Lower your body until your chest touches the floor and then push it upward as you return to your starting position.

If you can do 13 to 15 push-ups at one time, your upper body strength is considered good. If your count is six or less, that means your upper body muscles need work. Remember that beginners are usually on their hands and knees while those who are more advanced are on their hands and toes.

Speed, Agility & Balance are a must and are gained from constant repetition of circuits and exercises. Repetition is a very important factor to the body as it allows the body to improve over time.

Flexibility & Stretching are key. Correct and proper stretching helps to prevent body injuries. Over time, stretching allows the muscles to become supple, which can also help with recovery. Stretching should be added before and after routines for at least 7 minutes. This amount of time gets the heart rate to a high workout level – a level which has been shown to be the ideal time by sports fitness coaches. Keep in mind that you must hold each stretch for a longer period of time on a cool down to lengthen muscle fiber and tissue.

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Weight Training

Incorporating all of these components into your fitness plan is essential. Cardio allows the burning of calories. Weight training increases the definition of the body’s natural shape and curves. Flexibility, speed, balance, and agility assist in strengthening joints, and muscle ligaments. In addition, these four help to enhance the core to adapt to different movements without the lack of performance required. The fundamentals discussed in this post will provide the everyday habit and lifestyle changes you will need over time. These changes will allow you to go further in reaching your ideal fitness and health goals in the future.

Follow some simple steps to determine which level you’re on. Monitor your progress. With each fitness test, always keep track of your progress. Measure again periodically, such as every month or every few weeks. Celebrate every progress while adjusting your fitness goals. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time for you to reach your fitness goals. Remember, no pain, no gain! Just continue pushing your body and soon enough you will find yourself getting stronger and leveling up in your health and fitness goals.

The ability of the heart and lungs to provide the various body organs and tissues with the required amount of oxygen is referred to as cardiovascular fitness. Cardiovascular health can be maintained and promoted through various ways and complex methods. The process often evolves with time because of recent studies and discoveries made. Brilliant as it may sound, it often leads to a lot of misunderstanding. To better understand cardiovascular fitness, periodically review the basics we covered here in this post, and always remember the importance and benefits of having a fit cardiovascular system.