Home Treadmill Buying Guide

Does the following story sound familiar to you? The machine gets delivered, used a few times, and then gathers dust in the home. After a while, it becomes a nuisance because it it taking up valuable space which you could use for a nice piece of furniture. Your thoughts about how much weight you intended to lose are now distant memories. What you are left with is an expensive clothes rack.

The purpose of this post is to ensure that does not happen to you. The treadmill is the number one exercise machine for those who really want to lose weight. Compared to other cardio machines, it can be argued that the treadmill provides the best overall cardiovascular workout. It should be considered an investment in your health. Like all investments, it will pay dividends. However, you have to use the machine. If you have a monthly or annual gym membership and never go to the gym, you will not get the expected results. Similarly, if you buy a first class piece of exercise equipment and never use, you won’t get the expected results either. You have to be prepared to use the equipment in order to get the maximum benefit from it. Here are some pointers to help you make an intelligent choice.

First, ask yourself the following questions. Do you get bored easily? Do you need a challenge? Then maybe you should consider a treadmill with lots of user programs or one that is iFit compatible. Make sure it come with a water bottle holder in the console. A lot of treadmills do not have this feature. These items may add a bit to the overall cost, but the slight extra cost will be well worth it.

Second, do your homework. Check out what each treadmill offers. Does it meet your special needs.If you live in a condo, a folding treadmill might best suit your needs. Similarly, if you are a neat freak, you may not want a treadmill that you consider an eyesore in the living room. Again, the folding option may best fit your needs. If you opt for the folding treadmill, do you want a manual folding treadmill (like most folding treadmills) or do you prefer one with wheels on the bottom that folds up like a piece of luggage and is easy to move?

Track Your Progress

Track your progress every day. You will get a major feeling of accomplishment from doing so. This feeling of accomplishment will translate into even better fitness results. Develop ‘minimum goals’ like “I’ll walk for at least 15 minutes.” or “I’ll do 10-30 second intervals.” These minimum steps are easy to do. You will quickly advance well beyond them – which will encourage you to set even larger goals and heighten your sense of accomplishment. All the while, you will be getting the greatest enjoyment and benefit from your new treadmill.

Do you like watching your favorite movies or TV shows on the DVR or Netflix when you exercise? What about reading a book, podcast, or magazine? What inspires you to exercise and feel your best? Do you like listening to pulsating music? Listen to Tunes


Do you prefer listening on a headset, or would you rather hear your music from the speakers of your home theatre system? Get organized before your treadmill arrives. Get these things ready, and you’ll be more than half of the way there. Have several exercise or favorite DVD’s or CD’s around. Get your special movies or TV shows on disk or the DVR. In short, get your fitness arsenal ready BEFORE the machine arrives.

Place the treadmill in a well-lit, open and stimulating location. If you place it facing a television, then you can catch up on your favorite shows while working out. Don’t put the treadmill to face the bare wall when you walk or run. If you’re not a TV person, put it facing a window where you can have a pleasant view while exercising. Make sure your machine is put in a location which makes you feel mentally stimulated and energized, if not happy.

The basic concern that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any exercise piece of equipment) is that they won’t utilize it. Before you start your exercise routine, make a plan. By writing down how long and what kind of exercise you plan to do in week 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, you’ll get yourself ready for success. Keep in mind that every time you exercise, you are one step close to the ideal body that you’re trying to achieve. Planning lets you see just how many seeds you’ve planted and how long it will take to start reaping the results. Make you exercise routine fun. That way you will keep yourself motivated to achieve your health goals. Planning your workout and working out your plan will help you get maximum benefits from your treadmill or other exercise equipment.

Those are a few ways to get the most efficient use of your new home treadmill. The key is to remember that a plan or little bit of preparation will pay off for you in the long run.