10 min Elliptical Weight Loss


If you actually did this elliptical workout instead of just watching this elliptical workout as if it was as TV show then you’ll realize that all you’re doing in this short 10 minute workout is going all out for 10 seconds followed by you resting completely for 10 seconds.

Now if you want to you can extend this workout way past 10 minutes and do up to a 40 minute workout either by doing the elliptical video back-to-back 2-to-4 times or you can simply setup your own timer system to let you know when to take breaks.

It should also go without saying that doing this elliptical exercise alone will not help you lose weight.  You will also need to add a diet plan along with this elliptical work out or any workout to get the best weight loss results possible in the shortest amount of time. Eating right is the key.

Whatever diet you go on should be a diet that helps you eat less. It’s all about portion control. I recommend you only eat 1200-to-2000 calories per day as outlined in my basic diet where you can eat what you want whenever you want or my diet plan where you can lose weight without counting calories. However, that diet is more restrictive:

You only need to do this elliptical workout 1-to-2 rimes per day 3-to-4 days per week for 10-to-40 minutes at a time. If you feel you can do more than that then you need to really examine to see if you are really working hard enough (with enough intensity) to burn fat all over your body because if not…

Then you’re just basically doing a normal cardio workout on your elliptical that only burns calories during the workout and not afterwards 24 hours a day 7 days a week as if you actually did a real intense workout

If you must know the elliptical that I’m using in the video is an old elliptical made by precor that was made in the late 90’s or around 2002. I’m not saying that to make you get a precor because any type of elliptical or cardio piece of equipment is good for fast weight loss.

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VIA: Adrian Bryant – the guy who created NowLoss.com to help you look good naked.